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Take that as a conclusion of this survey ? First, this product is relatively new, has a very good image, and not to scare the French, it is seen as an alternative to the scourge of tobacco. However, these figures are not very encouraging enough to convince our leaders. The European Commission intends to toughen legislation around the electronic cigarette. Despite obtaining the European parliament keeping it in the category of consumer products running there a few weeks ago, the commission may revise the text and decide to classify as either a Vapoteuse derived from tobacco, or as a pharmaceutical.

And many other measures are planned, including the reduction of nicotine dosing and removal of different flavors . Refillable atomizers are also prohibited. Suffice to say that public opinion on the electronic cigarette is that few – if any – impact on European decisions, especially when large lobbies such as tobacco or pharmaceutical industry are also in the part . The new law, as expected by the various parties, is scheduled for 16 December.

Smoking in public places:

The prefectural decree states: “The use of the electronic cigarette, also called” e-cigarette ” is prohibited in places intended for public use, except in locations specifically for smoking. ” François Digard explained that the measure is the author responds to complaints he had received from several users of the public library, indisposed by steam enthusiasts of e-cigarette, which delighted in any vapoter reading.

This situation therefore happen again in Saint- Lô . In contrast, private institutions, such as restaurants, will continue to welcome their customers who have made the choice of e-cigarette, as that specified in the bylaw : “This provision applies to all public places and professionals assigned for collective use, including school, sports, cultural, festive, administrative, and in the means of transit dependent community”.

For private places, so it is up to each institution to decide what is allowed and what is not . Patrons of cafes and bars are mostly made ​​their choice, and we can say that the city of Saint- Lô is divided into two: those who believe that vapoteurs should be housed in the same boat as smoking and other.