E-cigarettes are better that smoking vapoter

The ordinary cigarettes, because of the toxic substances produced by burning tobacco are much more harmful than electronic cigarette.

If the effects of long-term vapotage are unknown, the dangers of smoking are well established . It kills 73,000 people each year in France.

The electronic cigarette is an effective way to quit smoking: To date, the e-cigarette has not yet sufficiently proven smoking cessation. However, several reasons suggest it could be a promising alternative. First, it allows absorption of nicotine almost as fast as the conventional cigarette reproducing a sense of meaningful and comparable pleasure, while seemingly less addictive. The feeling of warmth and reproduction of gesture are other advantages.

Finally, a study published in The Lancet establishes for the first time comparable to the effectiveness of nicotine patches for a total stop for at least six months. It also allowed for smokers who have not completely stopped their consumption reduce by half.

It is therapeutic use can be recommended: The electronic cigarette is not actively given by doctors as a substitute due to the lack of scientific basis proving its effectiveness in smoking cessation. He was also accused of maintaining nicotine addiction .
Furthermore, quality standards are lacking for widespread use. Today, only a medical board, associated with tobacco use cessation (or alternative medicine), is recognized as a safe and effective method (you can find tips to quit smoking Tobacco – Info- Service).

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